April 24, 2009

Garden Magic

It's amazing how the garden seems to pop open all at once. We had our first thunderstorm of the spring last night with lightning and thunder. It really jump starts the garden as everything responds to the nitrogen in the atmosphere after a thunderstorm. In a way this time of spring is like grabbing onto the end of a kite in a wind storm as it seems like all the garden chores pile up in a hurry. The seedlings in the basement have become plants and they want to go out NOW! The garden beds need a layer of mushroom compost and cow manure before I start to plant. Cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower have to be hardened off before I set them into the garden. The tomatoes need to be re potted once more before setting out. It will all get done before long but I'm feeling the pressure of getting the garden season truly underway.

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