January 29, 2009

The Evolution Of My Seed Starting

I came across an old photo of my very first seed starting system(circa 1998) and I wanted to share it with you to show you that a seed starting system does not have to be one of those $700 specialty grow racks advertised in the fancy gardening magazines. You can see from the above photo that a simple shop light on a table or bench will do the trick just fine. I really am not even sure what I grew that year although I do see some tomatoes and I think I also grew some stock. No, not the kind that tumbles on Wall Street but a nice spicy scented flower. I also see that this must have been when I discovered Gardener's Supply Company because of the white APS . The APS ( Accelerated Propagation System) is my favorite way to start seeds. Here's what the system looks like close up. I really like it because you can see it has individual cells for each plant so the roots are separated from each other. This makes it very easy to "pop" the plant out without tearing it roots and it gets the plant off to a healthier start when you put it in the garden or larger pot. The biggest selling point of this system though is the capillary mat that the seedling roots rest on at the bottom of the cells. This mat wicks water up from the bottom reservoir to keep your plants moist at all times. Presto, no more dried up wilted plants because you forgot to water them every day. It's even better for us frequent travelers who happen to be out of town a lot and can't afford a plant babysitter. This system makes your plants virtually self sufficient. Unfortunately, it is not available to raise your pets or children.
Over the years I have adapted and changed my simple "lights over a table" growing system into something a bit more sophisticated. I admit what started as a simple request for a utility sink in an unfinished basement led to a complete basement remodeling. I ended up with great cabinetry to hold all my seed starting supplies and nice metal shelves to hold the shop lights. Ok, I went over the top but now I have a really great spot of my own to plant my dreams.

January 26, 2009

Gardening in the Snow?

I know it seems a bit early to be thinking about gardening but I actually started thinking about the coming garden season back before Christmas. That's when it looked like this near my home. It's really is much worse now as I'm looking at the thermometer say 13 degrees. Anyhow, I ordered my seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds the day after Christmas. I think of it as a gift to myself. I started planting my own seeds pretty much as soon as I started gardening and saw how expensive plants at the nursery were. Don't get me wrong, I like wandering around a plant nursery as much as the next plantaholic but my checkbook sputters when I get near the cash register. I like to call myself a frugal gardener. That sounds so much better than cheapskate. Besides why would I buy 20 pansies for $27 when I could grow at least 50 for $1.99. Ok, I rest my point. That leads me to where I am now. In a few days I'll be starting my earliest seeds and I'd like you, dear reader, to come along for the journey from seed to bloom. I'll be posting my success and failures along the way and showing you how easy it is to get started planting your own seeds. I hope that I can inspire new gardeners and old alike.