March 21, 2010

The Joy of Seeds

I've finally done some of my early seed starting and I'm having some success. I've learned the value of "fresh"aka new seeds. I started these new lettuce seeds inside in the APS growing system and 2 days later they had sprouted. I normally don't start lettuce inside but this year I'm wanting to plant them out in a pattern alternating some of the green and red lettuces in the raised beds. In one of the rows I planted Ruby lettuce seed from a few seasons ago and it has yet to sprout. Under optimum conditions lettuce seed viability could be about 5 years but since I keep mine in a cupboard in the basement and not in a fridge I'm not expecting them to last that long. Besides, when you compare the cost of buying a bag of the fancy lettuce with a few packets of seeds that will provide lettuce in the garden for 3 months it's a bargain to start with new seeds each year. Below is a list of the seeds that I have started so far.

Lettuce started inside on 3/10( all Pinetree Garden Seeds). Sprouted 3/12
New Red Fire
Tom Thumb
May Queen
Red Grendbloise
Ruby(not Pinetree Garden Seeds)

seeds started 3/10. Sprouted 3/13
Small Miracle
Early Dividend

started 3/10. Sprouted 3/13

started 3/14.
Lavender Touch-sprouted 3/20
Pingtung Long

started 3/14
Ancho Hot Pepper

started 3/14
Impatiens Accent Star Mix
Begonia Bronze Leaf Mix
Dahlia Red Skin Mix
Marigold Lemon Star
White Chrysanthemum Paludosum
Hollyhock Black
Hollyhock Queeny Purple
Rehmannia Chinese Foxglove
Aster Perser Mix
Datura Black Currant
Coleus Black Dragon
Streptocarpus Weismoor Formula


Gatsbys Gardens said...

You are great! I used to start at least 1,000 plants under lights years ago. I do not have the room to do this anymore, but I still have my lights in the basement.

It is a lot of work but so exciting. I have a small raised bed garden now and most of my seeds I plants right in the garden, except for the warm weather crops. I can't wait to see your lettuce design.


garden girl said...

They look so nice and healthy! Happy Spring!