August 2, 2010

Harvest Cat

My neighbor cat Stripey seems to like the veggies as much as I do! The eggplants have really started to come on with all the heat we've had this summer. It's been the best eggplant harvest I've had. The Lavender Touch eggplants are doing the best but Dusky is catching up. I've had about a dozen Tigerella tomatoes so far. There are lots of big green ones still waiting to ripen. Even though my Lemon cucumbers are a tiny plant they have knocked out 3 cucumbers so far. Stripey is laying on my one Diva green cucumber. The beans have done ok but I won't plant them with potatoes again. The potatoes have just taken over too much of the bed. I may get motivated to put in a few more bean seeds to get a late harvest. Last week I planted a few lettuce,carrot and beet seeds. It's hard to know with all the heat if they'll even sprout but I'll give them a few weeks before I seed some more.


Janet said...

Any ideas on what to put on my cauliflower to keept from getting eaten up by these little green worms? Janet

Rachel said...

hmmm...I've heard about BT or Neem. They're both ok for food consumption. Do you have cauliflower heads? My plant is huge but no heads yet. I'm wondering if it's too hot for them to head.

garden girl said...

Looks like Stripey is guarding the harvest!

Our dog George LOVES peas and green beans. He gets so excited when I head over to the veggie bed, and was visibly upset when I finally yanked the pea vines a couple of weeks ago.