May 13, 2012

First Salad of the Season

Here's the first salad of the season. Admittedly I had a head start as some of my lettuce seeds that I planted last fall overwintered and with a warm March really took off. Otherwise I foraged around the garden and found a bit of mint,lemon thyme,chives,pea shoots, parsley(also overwintered for the first time) and spring garlic. Delicious!


garden girl said...

Yummy! I broke off a few pieces of pea plants while weaving them through the trellis. No harm done since they just kept growing, but I sure enjoyed eating them!

I'm tempted to break some wayward branches on purpose to eat them.

We had some lettuce overwinter too thanks to the mild winter. It wass been wonderful being able to enjoy such a late (and early) crop!

gomy said...

QuĂ© buen aspecto, it looks delicius. Sorry i don´t speak english but this salad seems to be "muy apetitosa".
Que aproveche!!!!