March 24, 2009

Seedlings in Progress

My growing space is just about filled to capacity with seedlings. I really need some warmer weather so I can move some out to the unheated green house.

I planted my Tomato seeds on March 19 and I have my first few seedling sprouting on March 24. The tomatoes that I planted are Manyel, Pineapple, Coustrelle, Tigerella,Yellow Currant, Wayahead and Ultimate.

Here are some new photos of a few of my seedlings.

Broccoli, Cabage and Pak Choi



MrBrownThumb said...

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for the Blogger Follow. nice blog and seed setup you got here. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Rachel, do you have any tips for getting stronger stems in your seedlings. It seems especially my tomatoes seem so viny when I put them out in the garden.

Rachel said...

A fan blowing helps make them stronger stemmed but watch out for drying them out too much. When they get lanky I just sink them in the ground all the way up to their bottom leaves. They'll root along the stem and become a sturdy plant. I've literally had tomatoes tall enough to go over the tops of 6 foot cages and back down again and they won't fall over.