March 29, 2009

Spring Surprise!

Snow is not what I really what I want to see in the garden by the end of March. I guess when the weather man said Chicago is 90% done with snow by the first day of spring I should have keyed into the 10% chance of snow part. At least it's mostly melted in the sunny spots by the end of the day. I wondered if there are lots of minerals in snow because I swear when I went out to check the garden the plants actually looked greener and larger. I was curious about this and thanks to the internet I see that my observation is right about the plants looking greener. Apparently snow has nitrogen in it and is considered the poor man's fertilizer. I guess I should pay mother nature for my first spring dose of organic fertilizer.

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garden girl said...

That's really interesting! I never knew that about snow. Before the snow started and it was raining, I swear watching out the window, I could see everything growing and getting greener in the rain!

Thank you for adding Garden Girl to your blog roll! It's good to find your blog, and I've added you to my Chicago area blog roll.